Tips for horror escape rooms

Technology is moving, and everything is changing, the same applies to escape rooms ( They are not the same as those in the past years, the trend is shifting, and everything is now targeted to a higher quality, complex puzzles and great decorations.

Escape room popularity is currently growing, and the more it grows, new genres develop, and when actors are added, it becomes a play known as theatre. Here are some tips for horror escape rooms.

Don’t expect challenging puzzles

Simply because it’s horror, that doesn’t mean that the puzzles will be hard, when scared, you can barely concentrate or perform well either.

Mostly the lighting in this kind of escape room is dark and hard puzzles are not appropriate at this particular place, so if you love puzzles, then this might not be your place.

Be aware of what you are in for

This is a scary place and some people might not stand it, so if you are pregnant, have anxiety issues, or any other medical condition be ready because you might find it hard thinking. Before joining horror actions, think twice because you might not like to attend.

Believe in the story

This is one key to success, be ready to believe the story even if you know it’s not real, assume it’s real, you are free to feel scared. Keep in mind that you are an actor, and you need to act like everything is real.

Never panic

If you panic, you won’t be able to concentrate, you need to remember what’s in the game, panicking distracts you from being in the game ( To avoid panicking, remember that it’s only a game meant for entertainment.

Safety comes first

If you feel like the escape game is too scary and you can’t continue playing, stop it immediately because there is no need to torture yourself, you don’t have to go through something that does not feel right with you.